We are Superior ?

Elephants have extraordinary memory.
We cannot find our car keys in the morning without a caffeine kickstart.
Yet we are superior.
A pig will humbly follow another if they sense they know where food is.
We try to outsmart one another, even when we know nothing, to feed our egos.
Yet we are superior.
Birds conduct incredible mating rituals to attract a partner, from daring dives to intricate singing.
NYC dating scene: Nuff said.
Yet we are superior.
Chickens have 24 distinct cries to communicate a wealth of information to one another.
We have almost 8000 languages and constantly misunderstand one another/are at war.
Yet we are superior.
Cows have almost 360 degree panoramic vision, and can hear lower and higher frequencies better than humans.
We succumb to closing our eyes, ears, and minds when we cannot accept the truth.
Yet we are superior.
Dolphins instinctively have saved the lives of humans in danger on several occasions, without expecting anything in return.
We exploit, rather than protect, our animals friends for food/clothing/furniture/sport. 
Yet we are superior.

What do you think?